Dec 10, 2013

[5-TASB] Bastian Void - Phonics

The latest Bastian Void album... Recorded in different bedrooms. Spring 2012 - Fall 2013
5-TASB (5-thioasymbescaline; 3,4-diethoxy-5-methylthiophenethylamine)

"Warm daylight, myself at age 8, sitting in computer class. Circuits and pine trees. Views out various bedroom windows. The research laboratory down the street. Atari in the basement. Wood paneling. Office buildings. Power generators sitting in the forest. Light shapes cast on walls. Science class. Old computer games. Leaves and educational video tapes."

Edition of 75 ...Available now on Chemical Tapes

With two killer releases this year - Looks Realistic's 'Where Does It Come From' and Homeowner's 'Themes from 172' - and a new Gay Shapes cassette supposedly due before the end of the year, it's pretty apparent that Joe Bastardo doesn't actually need sleep - which is funny considering that his particular brand of hazy yet ecstatic slabs of analog synth heaven work beautifully as a sleep aid, albeit one that leaves you in a state of hypnagogic limbo.

Phonics is not a new direction for Bastian Void, but it feels like a culmination of the cyberpunk kosmische soundtrack to an educational film about pastoral androids that has more or less been the Bastian Void MO from the onset, and it's a very good thing that he continues to explore the inner depths of his niche. Another outstanding release for both Bastian Void and Chemical Tapes, and a must have for fans of OPN, BoC, and R2D2.