Dec 28, 2015


Tapes I dug this year: 
Foodman "Couldwork" + "Hot Rice" Orange Milk & Patient Sounds
Drawing Trees & Ant'lrd "Balanced Breakfast" BARO
Ant'lrd "Clouding Indefinitely" Inner Islands
Eric Lanham "Intercepted Ruins" A.H.E.M. Editions
SMAX ...?... Hear Now Records
Fah "We Were Cool Ones" Occult Research
ISA X "Nonsense Consequence" Ayurvedic
Three Legged Race "Rope Commercial Vol. 2" Vitrine
LEAN (w/ Abdul Sherzai) Untitled - Various Live Sets Ayurvedic
Synth Bard "Gold Box Renditions" Ephem Aural
Iasos Reissues on Rotifer Cassettes!!
Max Tundra "Selected Amiga / BBC Micro Works 85-92" Marvelous Tone
Dept. of Harmonic Integrity "In Deck and Depth, A Whim, A Weft" Tymbal Tapes
2A0X "data 3000" Dig Dug DIY
W00DY "RNBW" Self Released
Roger Tellier Craig "Visites Possibles and Sightings: Music for the Videos of Sabrina Ratté" Where to Now
Pulse Emitter "Digital Rainforest" Beer On the Rug
Childermass "Quick Highs" GNS / FOMJ
Laraaji Box Set!! Stones Throw Records
Kyle Landstra "Unshared Properties Vol I-IV" Sacred Phrases
Noyzelab "16x16 Cell Meditations" MEDS
Lorenzo Senni "Evolver CS" Alku
David Burraston & Russell Haswell "Wired Lab CV Session #1" Alku
BANK XIV "VIII Circuli Putrida" Occult Research
Volitune "Overloards" Occult Research
Three Fourths Tigers "Indoor Voice" Field Hymns

a few LPs that come to mind...
American Cassette Culture 1971-1983 - Vinyl On Demand
Kurt Stenzel "Jodorowsky's Dune OST" Light In the Attic
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma "We Know Each Other Somehow" RVNG Intl.
ReRVNG / REGRM Reissues!!
Oneohtrix Point Never "Garden of Delete" Warp
AFX "Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-08" Warp

Good Times:
Autechre Live @ 3S Artspace, Manchester

David Russell & arm + Mickey O'Hara @ X Fest

Dust Witch on Halloween @ Coolidge Corner


Gnar Burger in LA with Sam Gas Can

Looks Realistic live with Telescopes

Seamus R Williams @ The Traphaus

Gay Shapes Live @ Sam & Liz's wedding!

Sam Gas Can live somewhere on tour in CA

Life Changing Ministry in Oakland. With Nate Tusco, Headboggle, Glochids, Raub Roy
... Amazing Night!

Creelpones picked up @ The Mimaroglu Open House

Jan Balsam & Hermon Cone on New Year's Day 2015

Evergreen's Buchla

Big Sur with Sam Gas Can

Moss HQ circa 2015

Output - 2015

Out on Jan 1st
MOSS 022 - föld "erdő hang"
Deep foliage meditation. Submerged in moss. Forest of sound.

Nov 30, 2015


A new split from Bastian Void and Kyle Landstra is now available on Lillerne Tapes!

Limited to 75 Order Here

"It’d be hard for me to pick a better combo of rippers to wind down 2015 with than the two on this tape. Joseph Bastardo’s Bastian Void project has been blowing me away for quite some time, and these new compositions are some of my favorites to date. His contribution to the split is an energetic and immersive world of hypnotic synth lines and beautifully arranged rhythms. It’s rare to hear music that is as transcendent as it is present and demanding of one’s attention. Real otherworldly areas—the perfect exercise playlist for a workout in space or some true headphone therapy. Landstra’s ability to be a prolific performer and recorder without sacrificing quality or emotional impact is what’s drawn me to his work. His side is the perfect comedown after the flight. Warm melodies and pulsating layers of synthesizer come and go, meeting together and dissipating, creating a satisfying sense of cathartic movement. Truly human and emotional work translated through electronics. This tape is a knockout! Edition of 75 homedubbed Type II/Chrome cassettes. Artwork and printing by Joseph Bastardo." - Lillerne Tapes

released December 1, 2015

Sep 27, 2015


MOSS 021


There was a hole here, it’s gone now.

Mysterious House is James Mercer, a Brooklyn-based composer, programmer, artist and sound archivist. Maze of Wooden Surfaces is a double album of meticulously-programmed audio spillage, an epic undertaking for the listener. Two discs, almost two hours of intense spiraling texture and timbre, punctuated by moments of clarity. Even in its harshest moments, beauty and attention to detail shine though.


Physical Version of this album is available in deluxe double CDr packaging. Two gatefold sleeves with vellum overlay, housed in poly bag.

2xCD-R. Designed, printed, assembled, duplicated and stamped at Moss Archive 2015.


MOSS 020


Dorosoto is a solo project of the extremely prolific Mr. Warren Kroll, a member of High Tides, who just released an excellent LP on Rad Cult. Warren is a synth master and steward of electronic music knowledge.

Odd Matters is a suite of distanced and paranoid hallucinations. They linger around in your periphery, yet are beholden to intense detail if the listener chooses to invest. Motion-blur reverberations smear the dread-laden, yet vaguely funky sequences. Made entirely on a circuit-bent Yamaha keyboard. Squelches call out from another dimension. There are vague hints of color in the sepia-tinged fog.

 c32. Designed, printed, assembled, dubbed and stamped at Moss Archive 2015.


MOSS 019


Ragged Lines is one of the many monikers of Christian Kann, Coppenhagen-based musician, visual artist and head of Metaphysical Circuits, as well as a host of countless other labels and endeavors.

This project always has me questioning ideas of beauty in music. The tracks operate within their own strange sense of logic and remain wholly compelling, while also completely disregarding notions of “listenable” music.

“Balance" flows like a mixtape, as if the pieces presented here are cut out of a much larger cloth. Assembled sound paintings smear together; queazy melodies come out of nowhere only to decay into pools of sound.

A murky audio tapestry.

c24. Designed, printed, assembled, dubbed and stamped at Moss Archive 2015.

Sep 18, 2015

Bastian Void - "No Dreams" Reissue Cassette

Originally released by Sic Sic Tapes in June of 2015. This reissue has been reprinted on high quality matte cover-stock. ORDER HERE

"Like casting consciousness into superfluous zones that feel just at home, Bastian Void is back on the gaze-game, this time snagging a spot on SicSic Tapes with No Dreams. And don’t take the title in a lack of sleep or goalless realm, it’s quite the opposite, because the music on No Dreams is the solution for it’s title. Feel the meta? Move past that now and open your mind. Underlying truths are merely found via meditation. Just close your eyes and find out what it feels like to be inside. Trickle that mentality into a place of pure peace. Find that little location on the dome of your spa node, and flush those toxins. Bastian Void is here to present you the remedy to all your aliments: No Dreams."
 -Clifford Morrisey (Tiny Mix Tapes)