Dec 11, 2014

BEST OF 2014

- New Year's Day Firehouse Noise Brunch
- YDLMIER50 Comp + Show
- Belarisk, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Jake Meginsky at Deep Thoughts JP
- Brattleboro with Sam Gas Can and Peter's Window
- Giant Claw at the Firehouse
- 3 hour set with Gay Shapes in Southbridge
- Ende Tymes Festival
- Mark Fell at Waterworks Museum, Boston
- New England Underground Music Festival w/ Mickey O'Hara
- Valerio Tricoli & Werner Dafeldecker at Goethe-Institut Boston
- North Adams Halloween show w/ JB, O'Hara, Foam trio & Cruudeuces
- Sam Gas Can live at distant castle!!
- Firehouse Winter Solstice 2014 show. Best vibes.

- Jean-Claude Risset "Music From Computer"
- Alan Gesso "Abraxas"
- Zerfallt "Jaegel Spit"
- Steve Roach "Structures From Silence"
- Hunted Creatures "Mogollan Rim"
- Seth Graham "Goop" 
- Sculpture "Membrane Pop"
- Akos Rozmann "12 Stations" 7xCD
- SND Reissues 
- Aphex Twin "Syro" 
- Valerio Tricoli "Miseri Lares"
- Pulse Emitter 2xCD
- Yves Malone "Ebony Sunrise" 
- Madalyn Merkey "Valley Girl"
- Le Revelateur "Extreme Events"
- Phinery
- Sam Gas Can "I Sat Around Today"
- Panabrite "Pavilion"
- Brett Naucke "Seed" + "Transparency"
- Quicksales / Headboggle split
- Ayurvedic Tapes + TVE + LEAN + Childermass
- Three Legged Race "Rope Commercial Vol. 1"

- Mutable Instruments "Peaks"
- New Age Old Tyme Wrestling in Hadley
- Making VA/A + the old studio on the river
- Apsara Restaurant, Fall River
- Neil deGrasse Tyson in Worcester
- Richard D. James interview for Noyzelab
  + Bonus Tracks!
- Jodorosky's Dune
- Sabrina Ratte DVD and book

Oct 17, 2014

Oct 1, 2014

[MOSS 014] Maharadja Sweets - "The Cassette Label Heads Who Went Outside"

MOSS 014 MAHARADJA SWEETS - "The Cassette Label Heads Who Went Outside"

I first saw Maharadja Sweets when he came up to play The Firehouse in Worcester, while on tour with Seth Graham. I was infatuated by the snippets of stories he would tell in between his acoustic folk ballads and weirdo minimal noise. There's a texture to Richard's voice, a weathered sort of enthusiasm that hints at a still-alive, child-like wonder, floating over the sobering urgency of life.

I asked Richard if he wanted to do a story on tape, and what I got back was an uncanny tale about a small tape label and the lengths at which they will go for their vision. Richard immediately cuts to the core of what it is for us to share creation and ultimately thrive as humans.

Featuring a stark and utterly beautiful theme song made with Seth Graham (Orange Milk RecordsCream Juice) entitled “Space is the Place… For TV.”  This narrated story expounds on the ideas explored in Maharadja Sweet’s excellent 2013 Orange Milk release “On An Orange Milky Way.”

Hand-stamped edition of 50. Designed, printed, assembled, and dubbed at Moss Archive.


Aug 2, 2014

Looks Realistic - VA/A

BOTR026 - LOOKS REALISTIC :: “VA/A” C59 Massachusetts duo Looks Realistic zen out quantum fabric for nearly sixty minutes on “VA/A”, an utterly unique set of geometrically jilting ear candies. Chock-full of colliding field recordings, old analog gear, cassette sample collage and modular work, the non-visible spectrum altogether congeals to reveal subtly surfed up otherworldly atmospheres and hued up saturated overtones. “VA/A” glides and glistens from start to fin.

Now shipping!
Limited edition of 100 cassettes w/ download code
Pro-duplicated and imprinted in the USA
Hi-quality chrome tape housed in electric blue tape shells 


May 19, 2014

[MOSS 008] - Gay Shapes

Gay Shapes is the collaborative effort of Worcester, MA's Mickey O'Hara, Abdul Sherzai and Joe Bastardo. This release sees the trio following up a string of solo releases in 2013, but is in fact the first recording of the group since 2012. Mutated sounds, transmitted across unknown distances.

Side A takes shape in the form of a live improvisation. Edits were made at Moss Archive.
Side B was assembled from different files and tape recordings. Snippets of old jams, sounds recorded around the house. A slowly churning audio muck.

Edition of 50 hand-stamped cassettes. Double-sided j-cards were designed, printed and assembled at Moss Archive.