Aug 7, 2013

MOSS 10 & 11

[MOSS 010] Mickey O'Hara - Six Pulses

The latest solo missive from multi-instrumentalist Mickey O'Hara pushes the boundaries of his minimalist, hands-off approach to composition. Two thirty minute sides of pure wave that run the gamut from sharp, cutting precision and mind-numbing power drones, to shimmering spectral prismatics.

There's a microscopic level of detail to these tones. It's as if you're looking at geometric cells multiply and coalesce into impossible formations. The listener is able to hear each and every phase shift in these sine clouds. The beauty comes in appreciating the delicate fluctuations happening in the stereo field. No samples, guitars or synthesizers were used. What we present to you here is the sound wave in its most pure form.


[MOSS 011] Abdul Hamid Sherzai - Bubonic

An alchemist of rotten audio from modified sound boxes. Once a member of bands like "Native Crust," and "Swamp," Abdul Hamid Sherzai has been working solo as Bubonic Hermaphrodite for years. 'BUBONIC' is quite possibly the first release from Abdul under his actual name.

'Doubt Benefits' starts off with skeletal tones that wheeze and gasp in vain as they collect more and more junk along the way. 'Maunder Minimum' sends out razor-sharp wave forms that burst into rainbow fractals right in front of your face, while 'A Nend To Nend' pulsates like an industrial artery. Though there are some intense sounds here, each track showcases an acute sense of restraint as the pieces are quite minimal, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the texture every mutating sound.

Both tapes were designed, printed, assembled, dubbed at Moss Archive. Hand-stamped edition of 50.