Sep 18, 2015

Bastian Void - "No Dreams" Reissue Cassette

Originally released by Sic Sic Tapes in June of 2015. This reissue has been reprinted on high quality matte cover-stock. ORDER HERE

"Like casting consciousness into superfluous zones that feel just at home, Bastian Void is back on the gaze-game, this time snagging a spot on SicSic Tapes with No Dreams. And don’t take the title in a lack of sleep or goalless realm, it’s quite the opposite, because the music on No Dreams is the solution for it’s title. Feel the meta? Move past that now and open your mind. Underlying truths are merely found via meditation. Just close your eyes and find out what it feels like to be inside. Trickle that mentality into a place of pure peace. Find that little location on the dome of your spa node, and flush those toxins. Bastian Void is here to present you the remedy to all your aliments: No Dreams."
 -Clifford Morrisey (Tiny Mix Tapes)