Oct 1, 2014

[MOSS 014] Maharadja Sweets - "The Cassette Label Heads Who Went Outside"

MOSS 014 MAHARADJA SWEETS - "The Cassette Label Heads Who Went Outside"

I first saw Maharadja Sweets when he came up to play The Firehouse in Worcester, while on tour with Seth Graham. I was infatuated by the snippets of stories he would tell in between his acoustic folk ballads and weirdo minimal noise. There's a texture to Richard's voice, a weathered sort of enthusiasm that hints at a still-alive, child-like wonder, floating over the sobering urgency of life.

I asked Richard if he wanted to do a story on tape, and what I got back was an uncanny tale about a small tape label and the lengths at which they will go for their vision. Richard immediately cuts to the core of what it is for us to share creation and ultimately thrive as humans.

Featuring a stark and utterly beautiful theme song made with Seth Graham (Orange Milk RecordsCream Juice) entitled “Space is the Place… For TV.”  This narrated story expounds on the ideas explored in Maharadja Sweet’s excellent 2013 Orange Milk release “On An Orange Milky Way.”

Hand-stamped edition of 50. Designed, printed, assembled, and dubbed at Moss Archive.