Apr 18, 2013

Homeowner - Themes from 172

The new Homeowner tape is out now on Orange Milk Records!
Copies are available at the Orange Milk Store and at the Homeowner Bandcamp.

"Homeowner is the project of Joe Bastardo, also of Bastian Void, Gay Shapes, and the Moss Archive label. His newest album, Themes from 172, finds a halfway point between seemingly aleatoric computer squawks and more compositional frameworks. It reminds me of early experiments in electronic music; very exploratory, sometimes clinical or 'theoretical' sounding -- as if an intricate computer code was behind it all -- but also paradoxically carefree and fun. Maybe it's Joe's perfectionist nature meeting the intrinsic chaos in non-traditional music that creates such a wonderful clash of sensibilities. Whatever the case, we are happy to present this album to you." - Orange Milk Records

 Pro-dubbed chrome tape. Edition of 100. All tacks preformed on analog synthesizers with some piano and tape recordings too. Recorded and edited at Moss Archive. Mastered by Brad Rose. Art by Keith Rankin and Joe Bastardo.