Dec 27, 2012

Bastian Void - Fluorescent Bells

Bastian Void - Fluorescent Bells. Released on cassette from Field Hymns!

Digital download available at the Bastian Void Bandcamp.

"Sweet-smelling, chilly vapors softly effervescing from pools of synth... Fluorescent Bells is absolutely terrific, one of Field Hymns’ finest dedications to cassette tape yet, which is saying a lot." -Tiny Mix Tapes

"A strong lovely tribute to a time when experimental and emotion were one." - Beach Sloth

"Really I could not recommend this album more. Fluorescent Bells is an ambient album that is chock full of character where each song becomes an entity amongst itself. Arguably a top 10 ambient album for 2012." - Selective Memory

Atrium (Demo Version) by Bastian Void
FH029 Bastian Void - Respirit by Field Hymns Records
Fluorescent Bells by Bastian Void

Visitors by Bastian Void