Aug 5, 2012

[moss006] Gay Shapes

 Gay Shapes - Moss 006 (c27)
ORDER: Tomentosa Records 
DOWNLOAD: Bandcamp

Joe Bastardo, Mickey O'Hara, and Abdul Sherzai comprise Gay Shapes. The Worcester, MA trio skirts the line between peaceful emptiness and absolute darkness. Circuit-bent electronics, samples, and analog synthesizers merge together, creating a massive atmosphere that shifts between vast, open spaces, and claustrophobic caverns of doom. Mind-numbing frequency blasts and fizzy electronic splatter fuse together to create a uniquely organic wall of sound.

Over the past two years, the band has played countless shows, and they have been refining their song with each performance. These electronic zones have been crystallizing at a deliberately nonchalant pace. Past releases were assembled in piecemeal fashion: live recordings merged with solo creations, blurred with field noise, etc. This latest cassette showcases the band in its pure, live setup. Recorded straight to tape one summer night at the Firehouse, these recordings feature no overdubs; minor edits were made only for the sake of tape length. MOSS 006 is a document of Gay Shapes in their truest form. 

Edition of 50 hand-stamped cassettes. Designed, printed, assembled, and dubbed at Moss Archive.
Recorded, mixed and edited at the Firehouse. July 2012.