May 11, 2011

Bastian Void - Ported

Bastian Void - Ported
Digitalis ltd #202

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"when you open your debut with the sounds of a modem connecting to the internet, you really have to deliver. massachusetts resident joe bastardo lets you know from the first spectrum that he's not fucking around. rhythmic casio spells cast with a wide ’90s web filter in through a slanted prism. with titles like "vaporware," "the TAG towers" and "windows 97 / in reality" you'd be forgiven if your mind drifts toward ferraro-isms, but bastardo's soundtrack runs less underwater and more straight at your throat. "ported" is a pre-apocalyptic cybergasm."

-Brad Rose, Digitalis

edition of 75, pro-dubbed chrome... Recorded at Moss Archive in March of 2011.

Midnight Societies by Bastian Void

Duplex by Bastian Void

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Windows 97 / In Reality by Bastian Void