Dec 28, 2015


Tapes I dug this year: 
Foodman "Couldwork" + "Hot Rice" Orange Milk & Patient Sounds
Drawing Trees & Ant'lrd "Balanced Breakfast" BARO
Ant'lrd "Clouding Indefinitely" Inner Islands
Eric Lanham "Intercepted Ruins" A.H.E.M. Editions
SMAX ...?... Hear Now Records
Fah "We Were Cool Ones" Occult Research
ISA X "Nonsense Consequence" Ayurvedic
Three Legged Race "Rope Commercial Vol. 2" Vitrine
LEAN (w/ Abdul Sherzai) Untitled - Various Live Sets Ayurvedic
Synth Bard "Gold Box Renditions" Ephem Aural
Iasos Reissues on Rotifer Cassettes!!
Max Tundra "Selected Amiga / BBC Micro Works 85-92" Marvelous Tone
Dept. of Harmonic Integrity "In Deck and Depth, A Whim, A Weft" Tymbal Tapes
2A0X "data 3000" Dig Dug DIY
W00DY "RNBW" Self Released
Roger Tellier Craig "Visites Possibles and Sightings: Music for the Videos of Sabrina Ratté" Where to Now
Pulse Emitter "Digital Rainforest" Beer On the Rug
Childermass "Quick Highs" GNS / FOMJ
Laraaji Box Set!! Stones Throw Records
Kyle Landstra "Unshared Properties Vol I-IV" Sacred Phrases
Noyzelab "16x16 Cell Meditations" MEDS
Lorenzo Senni "Evolver CS" Alku
David Burraston & Russell Haswell "Wired Lab CV Session #1" Alku
BANK XIV "VIII Circuli Putrida" Occult Research
Volitune "Overloards" Occult Research
Three Fourths Tigers "Indoor Voice" Field Hymns

a few LPs that come to mind...
American Cassette Culture 1971-1983 - Vinyl On Demand
Kurt Stenzel "Jodorowsky's Dune OST" Light In the Attic
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma "We Know Each Other Somehow" RVNG Intl.
ReRVNG / REGRM Reissues!!
Oneohtrix Point Never "Garden of Delete" Warp
AFX "Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-08" Warp

Good Times:
Autechre Live @ 3S Artspace, Manchester

David Russell & arm + Mickey O'Hara @ X Fest

Dust Witch on Halloween @ Coolidge Corner


Gnar Burger in LA with Sam Gas Can

Looks Realistic live with Telescopes

Seamus R Williams @ The Traphaus

Gay Shapes Live @ Sam & Liz's wedding!

Sam Gas Can live somewhere on tour in CA

Life Changing Ministry in Oakland. With Nate Tusco, Headboggle, Glochids, Raub Roy
... Amazing Night!

Creelpones picked up @ The Mimaroglu Open House

Jan Balsam & Hermon Cone on New Year's Day 2015

Evergreen's Buchla

Big Sur with Sam Gas Can

Moss HQ circa 2015

Output - 2015

Out on Jan 1st
MOSS 022 - föld "erdő hang"
Deep foliage meditation. Submerged in moss. Forest of sound.